People vs collectives

My first impression of the “People’s Republic of China” is of  a nation of business people. People to guide you, taxi drivers, restaurant owners, photographers, and more and more.  Small, independent business men.  They are augmented by the corporations; banks, phone companies, hotels, pharmaceutical companies, and on and on.  The corporate bodies and the entrepreneurs are augmented by the government; the police, the highway and sewer departments, the transit departments, and the hospital and health care workers. In other words, not so different from the US.

But what of the Communist Party? From what I see nothing.  From what I have read, as powerfully manipulative as the largest lobbiests in the United States.  The Party maintains it’s strength through the ruthless imposition of it’ s rules to govern each individual, the corpoation through buying votes for it’s favored policies.  Who is to say that either the Communist Party or the coporate plutocracy does not have the best interests of the governed at heart?

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